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Four years on: How much Australian home prices have surged since the pandemic…

Dear Fellow Property Investor,

In the four years since the pandemic began, home prices around the country have staged a remarkable feat.

From fears of sharp falls through the pandemic, to predictions of steep declines when interest rates began to quickly climb, home prices have defied the expectations of many, surging 39.9% nationally.

Throughout this four-year period, multiple factors have influenced and shifted housing trends, with the housing market cycling through different phases as a result of the pandemic's wide-ranging economic and social impacts.

Graph: Home Price Growth Australia 2014 - 2024

The supply of properties for sale, population growth, building activity, rental market conditions, interest rates, and interstate and regional migration have all affected home price growth, as well as how it has been distributed Australia-wide since March 2020.

And at the same time these factors have faced a complex interplay of economic policies, consumer behaviour, and broader societal changes in response to the pandemic.

In the past year capital city markets have outperformed regional areas (7.64% versus 4.67%), but comparing growth since the pandemic onset, regional home prices have significantly outperformed their capital city counterparts in every state except WA and NT.

This outperformance was largely accumulated throughout the pandemic property price boom.

At the very onset of the pandemic, there was a pause in the housing market as lockdown restrictions, closed borders and uncertainty weighed, with many thinking home prices would fall.

In fact, the opposite occurred. Housing demand surged, and along with record low interest rates and limited stock for sale, combined to drive a price boom that saw national prices growing at the third-fastest rate in Australia’s history.

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