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As seen in The Australian, Herald Sun, Money Magazine and News.com.au, The team at CRS help improve your credit reports and raise your credit scores through specialist credit repair services.

With thousands of Australians assisted with their credit report issues we never set out to be the leaders, just the best.

While most companies try to find ways to charge more and sneak additional fees in each month, we have instead chosen to focus on perfecting our service and improving our team performance. Everything we do centers on providing excellent value and unmatched benefits to you, such as:

  • Lowest fee in the industry!
  • Free credit reports and scores
  • Dedicated Solicitor Working on Your Matter
  • Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee

By helping thousands of Australians with their credit, we never set out to be the leaders, just the best. We spend a great deal of time and energy developing our credit repair services around you and your needs.

Free Credit Reports & Scores

At the start of your service, we get your credit reports for you (if you do not have one). We are one of the only Firms who does this By getting your starting credit reports and credit scores for you (for FREE) you have an advantage over any other service.

You know where you're starting from, and so do we!

We continue this practice because we know it's in your best interest. How else will you measure the results at the end of the service?

Score-Driven Results

What exactly does "Score-Driven Results" mean? It means that aside from removing negative items, verifying, and correcting credit issues, we focus on raising your credit score through every other avenue—even if not associated with repairing credit.

Disputes and interventions are the limit of what every other credit repair service will provide. The problem is, lenders who determine your lending capabilities rarely look beyond your credit score.

This is why Credit Repair Solicitors has pioneered a Score-Driven Results philosophy that includes and goes beyond traditional disputes and interventions.

Our industry leading process, and it’s affordable!

The equivalent of any premium service, made affordable, with everything included. You will be hard pressed to find another Firm that provides a better service (we have done the research for you) .

Above and Beyond for our Clients

We genuinely care about our clients and their position in life. We thrive off the passion knowing we have assisted someone and is what our philosophy is based on, you!

CRS strives to be creative with spirit and courage. Our intelligent team work together to achieve our client’s personal and financial goals.

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