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[NEW VIDEO]: Melbourne’s Best Growth Suburbs Experiencing Gentrification in 2023

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Dear Fellow Property Investor,

Did you know that Melbourne and Sydney have officially entered the beginning of the growth part of the next property cycle?

This CoreLogic graph perfectly captures the cyclical nature of the Australian property market – and suggests we may be entering another growth phase.

The share of Australian suburbs that recorded price growth over a rolling three-month period rose from 18.7% in December to 34.6% in March.

As the graph shows, the market started booming in late 2020, and, by early 2021, almost every suburb in Australia was experiencing quarterly growth.

The market then cooled sharply from early 2022, but this downturn appears to have bottomed out in October when 16.5% of suburbs posted quarterly growth.

Since then, the share of growth in suburbs has been trending upward.

So the first million-dollar question is…

Are you market-ready to take advantage of the prevailing circumstances?

And the next million-dollar question is; 

Do you have the skills and knowledge to correctly identify the best-performing suburbs in Melbourne in 2023 right now? 

Or will you simply wait by the sidelines and see other savvy property investors snap up the best opportunities?

Now I know what you are thinking…

But Melbourne is very expensive now, as the average 3-bedroom townhouse in the bayside area or the eastern suburbs costs between $1.5 to $2 million dollars.

And yes, that’s very true. 

So If you have a budget of only $700K, where do you buy?

Well, the answer is in suburbs that are currently going through the process of gentrification!

The bad and ugly ducklings of today will become the trendy-hipster suburbs of tomorrow.

Case and point; Brunswick 20 years ago, Carlton 20 years ago, St Kilda 20 years ago, Northcote 20 years ago, and Yarraville 20 years ago, just to name a few.

Take Northcote for example, known as the poster boy of the Gentrification phenomena in Melbourne, from 2011 to 2023 Northcote boomed!

In Northcote West, the median income is now $1216 per individual, an increase of 62 percent from 2011. In Northcote East, the median leaped 55 percent over the decade to $1130.

Footscray and Yarraville were also suburbs that were showing similar signs of gentrifying. Wealth has also increased rapidly in Thornbury, the median weekly income has risen from $641 in 2011 to $1041 by 2021, an increase of 62 percent.

So where are the Gentrification suburbs of tomorrow?

Join me for an exclusive 1.15-hour video where you will discover advanced property investing strategies to use in the current market to identify, with laser-like precision the best-performing Gentrification suburbs of tomorrow!

You will also learn specific real estate finance and due diligence methodologies that will give you the confidence and skills to start building your property portfolio as soon as you finish watching the video;

Many of you will be thinking right now…’ have I missed the boat? Especially on Suburbs experiencing Gentrification?

Well not really….

One of the most fundamental principles of property investing in Australia is to appreciate that the market moves in distinct cycles which are characterized by periods of strong capital growth and demand for properties, through to periods of a flat-lining market, following periods of distinctive falling median prices, lower demand for properties, and a decline in property prices. 

The general rule of thumb is that these property cycles last 7 to 10 years, and can be segmented into 4 main parts, the ‘Peak of the Market’ being the shortest of the four; 

  1. Peak of the Property Market – High capital growth, auction clearance rates of 85% plus.
  2. Decline of the Property Market – Declining capital growth, auction clearance rates dropping from 80% to 60% and 50%.
  3. Bottom of the Property Market – Extended periods of low capital growth, auction clearance rates of 45% to 50%. 
  4. Growth of the Property Market – Increasing capital growth, increase demand for property, increased auction clearance rates, 55% to eventually 75%.

Would you like to know exactly where Melbourne or Sydney is located right now on the property clock?

I will be revealing the location of our major property markets on the property clock during this video. 


I will also reveal my TOP 10 Gentrification Suburbs of Tomorrow, those that are destined to experience double-digit capital growth over the next decade!

In fact, one of these suburbs is booming right now, and no one is noticing or even talking about it in the mainstream media.

The main thing to remember is that money is made by both the timing of the market, and of time in the market. 

Finally, for those of you with deeper pockets, I will show you the top ten suburbs in Melbourne that have consistently hit double digits in Capital growth over the last 10 years, and more importantly, the top 10 areas that will have the highest potential to outperform the rest of the property market in 2023 and over the next 5 years!

I will also show you the exact type of properties, i.e. house and land packages, townhouses, or apartments to target in these areas, and why….this section will surprise many of you. 

So what are you waiting for?

Check out this video NOW!

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