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What’s your Property Investing Game Plan for 2023?

Dear Fellow Property Investor,

Let me ask you something.

Do you have a game plan for 2023?

Or will you simply sit on the sidelines and wait for a clear market recovery to take place before you start buying investment properties?

Will you watch savvy, educated, market-ready investors snap up all the bargains at the bottom of the Melbourne property cycle (which in my opinion by the way has already bottomed out in November 2022), or will you join them?

You see all the economic indicators are pointing to the Melbourne property market starting to slowly move into the next phase of the property cycle. Not only is inflation down to 6.8 percent in February, and continuing to decline….but also we are having a record number of new migrants about to enter the country, all on landscape of low volume of stock offered for sale, by both owner occupiers and developers alike!

You see…

The Albanese Government is reportedly planning for a total of 650,000 new migrants to settle here by mid-2024.

Combined with estimates for next year, this means a total of 1.2 million extra people will be living in Australia in June next year compared to five years earlier.

The floodgates are being opened to skilled migrants, international students, and those coming for family or humanitarian reasons, even though Sydney and Melbourne (home to more than half of those who have come to Australia in the last 20 years) have ultra-low one percent rental vacancy rates.

SQM Research managing director Louis Christopher said surging immigration would make it even harder for people looking for a home to find accommodation, with weekly rents in Sydney soaring by 25 percent during the past year compared with 22 percent in Melbourne.

This unprecedented influx of skilled migrants, and international students will put a great amount of pressure on the capital growth of properties, as well as increases in rental yields!

Great news for property investors!

Bad news for tenants, and first-time home buyers.

So, what will you do about it?

What are you waiting for? 

Reserve your place and join me and 55 like-minded property investors at the next Real Estate Investing Fast Track Weekend!

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Ultimately, you will be placing yourself into one of the following categories;

1. The Analytical Compulsive Information Gatherer; usually coming from a technical industry such as engineering, science, or medicine, these property investors will spend months and years conducting market due diligence, analysing charts, and crunching numbers.

They tend to read lots of property books, attend workshops, and frequent property investing forums and chatrooms….

Most experience ‘analysis paralysis’, due to so many opposing views that exist in the industry on what constitutes the best way to invest, and in most cases, they end up not investing at all…spending years on the sidelines waiting for the perfect time to invest…which never eventuates. 

2. The ‘Get Rich Quick’ Gambler; this group of people usually come from a direct selling background, or multi-level marketing, and have a general interest in ‘alternative’ medicine, alternative energy healing, health and fitness, green drinks, and love conspiracy theories.

This group is very open-minded, and has a great sense of urgency built to get results NOW! Many of these people have undertaken extensive personal development, and hence believe that anything is possible…including becoming a multi-millionaire overnight!

This group of people tends to make impulsive investment decisions and in most cases is not afraid to jump in first! 

In a lot of cases they end up losing money by investing in Gold Coast properties, Cash flow positive properties in Mining towns, US properties, European holiday apartments, etc.

3. The Comfort Zone Investor; makes up the vast majority of the property investor market in Australia today, or 72.8% of investors who have one investment property. 

This group of people tends to be the PAYG middle class, they are skeptical about attending or spending money on seminars or any type of personal development, books, or courses as they claim it’s ‘just common sense’….or you can just ask your accountant or financial planner for advice…

Most of these investors are structured incorrectly, and have no idea about how to conduct any type of property or market due diligence or cash flow analysis and end up buying one property, within 3 to 5km of where they live…their ‘comfort zone’, and in most cases, the property is comparable to the one they live in themselves.

4. The Active, Savvy Property Investor; makes up a small percentage of the entire Australian population, in fact, only 0.9% of all property investors end up owning more than 6 investment properties.

The active savvy property investors come from all walks of life and have varying amounts of income, education, and age groups…but they do have 1 thing in common, and that is a SYSTEM!

You see, developing and implementing a SYSTEM is the single difference between success and failure when it comes to the world of property investing.

By Attending the 2-Day Live Real Estate Investing Fast Track Weekend you will learn a proven system that has worked for thousands of successful property investors to successfully build large property portfolios….

And it comes down to the following 4 things;

1. Cultivating the right investor PSYCHOLOGY

2. Developing the right tailor-made PLAN

3. Developing a team of EXPERTS around you, and 


So, if you have been sitting on the sidelines watching other property investors around you going from strength to strength then you need to book yourself into the next Real Estate Fast-Track Weekend live workshop!

Real Estate Investing Fast-Track Weekend

Reserve your place and join me and 55 like-minded property investors at the next
Real Estate Investing Fast Track Weekend!

Reserve Your Seat Now

Seats are strictly limited so book NOW in order to avoid future disappointment…

I look forward to meeting you at the event!

Yours in Success,


Investors Prime

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